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Lightning Protection Information

Feeling the "rush" may be great for some, but it's not what your appliances and electronics need.

Lightning can be devastating on your home appliances and electronics. Destructive electrical spikes, often caused by lightning, can pass through TV, Telephone and Electrical lines into your home.

Electrical spikes may damage or even destroy your motor driven appliances and sensitive equipment.

Our Home Lightning Protection Program is designed to protect your appliances and sensitive equipment.

One installation fee and a small monthly charge added to your electric bill, covers a safety ground check and installation of protective devices.

We offer two protection plans

Plan A: $175 installation charge with $10 monthly fee *

Plan A includes:

  • meter base device
  • telephone device
  • cable TV | satellite device
  • Protects most connected equipment inside the home.

Plan B: $175 installation charge with $6 monthly fee *

Plan B includes:

  • meter base device
  • all major appliances only (e.g. refrigerator, stove, washer, dryer)

* Additional charges may apply.

Don't wait for a storm to come! Start your protection TODAY!

Both stages of protection can be purchased at Blue Ridge Mountain EMC.

For more information send an email to Telida or call 706-379-3121 EXT 119.

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